The Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge is a safe place from physical, emotional, or mental harm and all residents attending will be treated with equal care and respect.

Youth Rights

  • You have the right to be treated with respect
  • You have the right to express your feelings in an appropriate manner
  • You have the right to change your mind
  • You have the right to make mistakes
  • You have the right to ask questions when you don’t understand
  • You have the right to say “NO” to negative pressures and not feel guilty about it
  • You have the right to personal privacy
  • You have the right to confidentiality


Please note: Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge (WYHL) maintains a standard of strict confidentiality regarding all information pertaining to the person served. To ensure high quality and effective services, information regarding persons served may be shared with other WYHL personnel during file reviews and clinical supervision when relevant and appropriate.

Information of persons served will not be shared with anyone outside of Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge without written signed consent except for the following reasons (indicated above and if):

  1. A child or youth is suspected of being abused or is believed to be in danger of being abused; and
  2. A person is believed to be at risk of harming themselves or others.

Our Principles

All programming is based on the principles of respect and safety for all parties to the therapeutic process, including youth, participants, parents/guardians, and staff. We believe the principle of respect and safety is necessary to provide a therapeutic environment.

We encourage self-respect by helping youth to make healthy choices. We believe that health involves making safe choices in relation to drug and alcohol use. It is a requirement that youth agree not to utilize any substances while in treatment. We respect each other’s privacy, culture, religion, ethnicity, orientation, tastes, and opinions.

Reasons For Early Discharge

  1. An illegal act, such as theft or property damage, committed against Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge property or Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge staff property.
  2. Bringing alcohol or illicit drugs into the treatment facility.
  3. In the opinion of treatment staff, the Youth is not making adequate progress toward accomplishing the treatment goals.
  4. Refusal to cooperate with the treatment policies or to follow treatment recommendations.
  5. Violent or threatening behaviour directed toward staff, other youth, or Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge property.
  6. Behaviours which significantly detract from the treatment experience of other youth.
  7. Services provided at the Healing Lodge are not appropriate for presenting concerns of the youth.

A youth is discharged successfully from the Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge when the established treatment goals and objectives have been accomplished.

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