Who Does This Program Serve?

The program serves First Nation youth aged 12-17, rotating male, female, and two-spirited intakes, regardless of gender identity. We primarily focus on youth from the 49 NAN communities, but also welcome youth from all over Canada. Our programming is holistic in nature and we use traditional as well as contemporary models of treatment to help our clients overcome and heal from their substance use.

feather and sage

Our program is designed to bridge wellness through culture, specifically spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. By connecting with traditional culture, the intent is to bring to light meaning, purpose, hope, and belonging.

The 7-week residential program integrates relationship building, group therapy, healthy eating, traditional medicines, ceremony, language, and life skills while respecting the values and beliefs of the First Nation communities we serve.

The program is residential in nature and incorporates land-based healing methods that will support the needs of the youth throughout the duration of the program.

A holistic approach is taken to address spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing in a means to treat mental health challenges and addictions; along with community connection to ensure continuity of care, collaboration and wrap-around support services are met post-discharge.

It will support connection with traditional Indigenous culture through prayer and ceremony, family and community participation, storytelling, and being part of the land.

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Aftercare begins prior to discharge; the youth is given support in accessing services for their transition back into the community. The youth and Case Manager begin working on a relapse prevention plan specific to the individual, their family/friends and environment. Periodic follow-ups are done to see how well the youth is doing. If there is any additional support that may be required, referrals to the appropriate community resources or other support services will be recommended.